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Alchemy at the Chalkface:


Pirsig, Pedagogy and the Metaphysics of Quality


 by Dr Alan McManus


I'm pleased to offer for sale a PDF version of a new PhD examining pedagogy (the Art of teaching!) through the prism of the MOQ by a teacher of over two decades standing:  


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is indeed entertaining. For about the first five pages. After that it becomes engaging as it draws the reader into its complex argument. I recommend that Harvey and Green (and anyone else who decides to pronounce on Pirsig) actually read his work, especially his reflections on Aristotelian dialectic, rhetoric, arête and Hindu/Buddhist dharma...


‘In the last resort quality is a philosophical concept. […] Reaching the conclusion that we might all have different understanding of quality in higher education and that none of us is necessarily wrong or right does not mean, however, that we are absolved of the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing quality. It is merely the adoption of a pragmatic attitude.’ (Harvey & Green/1993/25)  


Pirsig provides a beneficial clarification to this ‘pragmatic’ attitude in education and industry which seeks to measure, maintain and enhance a vague and confused value... This thesis examines this body of evidence and argues for a benevolent reading of Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality.” 

Dr McManus.


The Alchemy at the Chalkface PDF is for sale for $8 (or £5 sterling):


($8 dollars)  

  (£5 sterling)




Alan McManus 


A former Franciscan friar, Dr Alan McManus wrote his doctoral thesis, Alchemy at the Chalkface: Pirsig, Pedagogy and the Metaphysics of Quality, at the University of Glasgow. Holding degrees in Church History/ Practical Theology and Religious Studies, he has taught EFL at home and abroad, Spanish & Italian to adults and Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies in comprehensive schools in Scotland. He has published articles on political philosophy and World War 1 Remembrance in the on-line journal Citizenship, Social and Economics Education. He is a member of Affirmation Scotland.


Please also note that Dr McManus has also published the following book (in hardcopy):



This text provides not only a useful argument for a more merciful reading of Scripture than that usually employed to condemn same-sex relationships, but using the MOQ, also a philosophical analysis of the nature of ‘nature’.  Finding that all, and only, those relationships which are harmonious can be considered natural, the author invites us to only say the Word, that we may all be healed.