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Chai at the Lazy Lounge:
A stream of consciousness from one lune to another.

by Anabel Wensley-Walker


January 27th 2003


Today I am calmer as the magnitude of my thoughts yesterday needed to be grounded less I transcended into the cosmos or went utterly mad! (I find it quite curious that we seem to be having powerful experiences at the same time...but I guess there are many of us out there who are surging through our emotions into new understandings!)

I can’t tell you how powerfully I was taken through some porthole into a new pasture yesterday. It was as if my eyes and my heart were thrusted into a new awareness... one so magnificent yet so simple.

I have begun to give myself to the organic... begun to focus my awareness on the beauty that lies all around me... begun my investigation on what is believed to be know about nature... and begun to remember how to commune with it. Through these first tentative steps it welcomed me with gifts that penetrated straight into my heart.

I don’t know if I can put these into words or if it is too precious for that… and maybe it is up to each of us to come to this when we are ready... or perhaps I have reached some kind of insane delusion... if so I don’t mind as it is an amazing trip.

I felt ....uummm... nature... the world... the universe... is comprised of some immense energy... this energy is everything and its continuous journey is one of creative evolution... the evolution continues and never for a second stops. Nothing is ever an exact replica as this would be a constant and not an evolution... and the energy has no need to be on a constant as it would then just go around in one circle... the circle instead is always growing or contracting or bouncing into one or many more... or doing all of this and much more at the same time. We are at the edge of evolution and are bursting forward into unknown territory... but we are not alone. We are doing this simultaneously with the rest of the universe.

Perhaps one can say that there is no other...unknown heaven... as we are heaven… we are God... together with everything else... as we are all part of this 'Eternally Creative Intelligence'... we are just one minute manifestation of it... but each of us is a unique manifestation... which perhaps accounts for our feeling of separation. As our essence comprises of this creative energy we can do nothing but grow... and grow in numerous directions. We also need to be constantly filled with other manifestations of this energy… hence why we need to eat... this helps us evolve... as we need to release... to help other manifestations evolve! This runs of course on many levels.

Our desire is creative new experiences and expressions....this perhaps is the desire of everything and is the only underlying rule but as we are part of everything we need to realise that it is always a balance.... our actions will always ripple into the universe... it will always colour the cycles. Perhaps this is why fashion is always changing... as our houses... cars... haircuts... philosophies... religions... cultures... men... women... knifes... bowls... everything... as our desire wants to achieve new levels... heights... modes of expression. The question of course is...are we as humans taking into account how our expressions and creativity is colouring the rest of this planet? Do we truly understand the impact?

Are we content with the direction we are taking... and have we all really become so arrogant as to think we are higher manifestations of 'God' or this energy? The fact that I am writing this gives me hope. And like that first creature that took the first immense breath out of the water so many millions of years ago I believe that it is possible that our evolution will take another momentous turn. This octopus that has developed is self destructing... we are at the edge of evolution... it is a momentous thought... we are life... God ...at the fore front of the big bang... bursting forward... so how can suicide be so prevalent????? Is it because this course is a spiral to destruction and the energy that lies within those is too constricted by it...so finds no other means to escape.

Surely the way forward is to use our intelligence and creativity in conjunction with all other manifestations of this energy...(nature) and from then learn... as if all the medicines that we need do not lie in the plants and animals… or the earth or the sea or the sun or the moon... how have we forgotten to have faith in this... how can we believe that it is about the chemical compounds and not the combination of the chemicals and the life force that lies invisibly within... the compounds alone will surely only possibly cure illnesses on a superficial... maybe physical level... but cannot cure the illness wholly. And have I been shitting so much because I have been releasing so much negativity from my soul...that this has physically come through?????

Okay this is obviously only a small part of what I have been contemplating but I guess you get the idea.... I shall continue later as it is dark outside and I am still scared of the ghoulies!!! I love you.