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Welcome to the very first MOQ conference!

Thursday July 7th 2005


The Westerner’s overemphasis on rationality, at the expense of other parts of experience, can seem both amusing and amazing to Zen masters…  “A Zen abbot once set before an American aspirant two sets of small legless Japanese dolls, one pair weighted in the bottom part, the other in the head part. When the pair weighted in the head were pushed over, they remained on their sides; the ones weighted in the bottom bounced back at once. The abbot roared with laughter over this illustration of the plight of Western man,

forever stressing the thinking function at the expense of his totality.”

(Nancy Wilson Ross, The World of Zen)  


MOQ Conference Welcome Speech

By Dr Anthony McWatt

Many thanks to all of you (and especially those of you who have travelled many miles!) for attending the very first conference on Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality! I would just like to acknowledge the following people who have made the various events during this week possible.

Firstly, I would like to thank Robert & Wendy Pirsig (for supporting this and the various events held this week in so many ways and Robert Pirsig for providing the introduction which you will hear in a minute), John Middleton for introducing me to ZMM and his good advice with the PhD over the years, Dr Barry Dainton, the Head of Department of the Philosophy Department for kindly allowing us to use the facilities here, Fran Ali, the Philosophy Department’s secretary for her administrative assistance in organising a number of items for the above and the people providing papers such as Ian Glendinning, Gavin Gee-Clough, Mati Palm-Leis, Professor Henry Gurr, Khoo Hock Aun and David Buchanan. I would also like to thank Horse and David Boyce for reading out various material, Paul Turner for assisting Ian (with Henry Gurr’s presentation) and Stephen Mills for suggesting having this event. This is all very much appreciated.

Earlier this year, David Buchanan commented on MOQ Discuss (the Pirsig Internet group) that the MOQ was like a new black BMW convertible sitting on the drive waiting for it’s first drive. I therefore propose we take this baby out today for it’s first cruise!


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