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'Education is the best way to train ourselves that we will secure our own well-being by concerning ourselves with others. It is possible to create a better world, a more compassionate, more peaceful world, which is not only in everyone’s interest, but is everyone’s responsibility to achieve.'


(The Dalai Lama, June 2013)




If you need a speaker to talk about Pirsig's work or have written a paper about Robert Pirsig's philosophy that you'd like to publish here, please feel free to contact me, Dr Anthony McWatt, at:



c/o Department of Philosophy
University of Liverpool
L69 3BX
United Kingdom


Though Robert Pirsig retired years ago, you can get in touch with him directly via his publisher at:

Author Mail

c/o HarperCollins Publishers

10 East 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022-5299

United States


(N.B.  Author Mail for HarperCollins can some sometimes be 'held-up' in their office for up to six months so don't be too surprised if you don't receive an immediate response - if one at all!)



If you are a journalist or have a social-related query (e.g. concerning publication rights, signed books for relatives etc.), please contact Harper Collins on the address above or Robert Pirsig's literary agent in London, Pollinger Ltd.  Their contact details follow:


Pollinger Limited

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street

United Kingdom





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This is to help develop  

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