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July 2014 News!


It was forty years ago today!


To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in 1974, please note that all CD & DVD purchases from the MOQ Shop till the end of this month will include a unique PDF file (pictured above) of all the primary newspaper & journal reviews (about 20 in all) from that landmark year.  This disc also contains all the ten documents found in the McWatt-Pirsig Letters PDF !!!





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A Noh-thing Response to Roger Scruton's 'review' of The Age of Nothing


by Dr Anthony McWatt - February 2014



I've now had a close look at the The Age of Nothing 'review' 

by Roger Scruton recently published in the Independent newspaper. 


Here's my brief response to it here.





The Truth About Art  

A review of Patrick Doorly's new book

 by Dr Anthony McWatt

September 2013

Patrick Doorly's new book might not change your life (as one publicity writer wrote about 'Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' in 1974) but it will change your view about art and non-existent Art with a capital 'A'! 





Other Ways of Being Young 

by Joseph Masaryk - August 2013


In LILA, Robert Pirsig briefly refers to a text by Joseph Campbell titled 'The Masks of God'.  One of the themes in the latter is the idea of ancient archetypes found - to use the Jungian phrase - the 'collective unconscious'.  This paper (linked here) introduces four typical archetypes found in the modern Western man. 





The Two Contexts of the Metaphysics of Quality


by Paul Turner - June 2013


I've updated my "Two Theses" post from 2005 and changed it to "Two Contexts" which seems more appropriate.  Looking at the MD lately I think a lot of time is wasted by people arguing from one context against the other so I hope this helps reduce that in some way... 





An Open Letter to Paul McCartney


by Dr Anthony McWatt - July 2013


For anyone interested in knowing how the two MOQ DVDs 'On The Road with Robert Pirsig' and 'On The Road with John Sutherland' were filmed - on the road - so to say, please see 'An Open Letter to Paul McCartney' linked here.  A glimpse behind the veil of 'mystery' if you like!



“An Overview of the MOQ”

by Robert Pirsig - April 2013

(The transcript of the second film on the 

“The MOQ at Oxford” DVD)


The 1993 AHP Conference discussion 

transcript featuring 

Robert Pirsig & Chip Baggett

(completed February 2013)



An essay about inspirationality 

by John McConnell 

with comments by 

Paul Turner & Robert Pirsig



“Some notes on the Tetralemma”
by Paul Turner
January 2006  

(revised July 2012)






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The Robert Harris Memorial Fund


This is to help develop  

An independently funded website!